Human War Journal

HWJ Platform is Under Development

The "Human War Journal" is an initiative aimed at humanizing the casualties of conflicts. Instead of representing victims as mere statistics, this project seeks to illuminate their lives, putting faces, stories, and legacies to each number.

Mainstream media reports often quantify conflict casualties as cold numbers, rendering a dehumanized perspective of the tragic losses. Not only does this oversimplify the profound pain and grief behind each casualty, but it also reduces individuals with rich life stories, aspirations, and dreams to mere data points.

Website Features:
The project is represented through a website, The platform displays:

By clicking on the casualty numbers for a specific conflict, users can delve into a comprehensive directory that provides insight into the lives lost.


Development and Features Needed:
The website, built using WordPress and Divi, requires enhancements in several areas, including:

  1. Workflow Development: A systematic approach to streamline all development operations.
  2. Verification Methodology: A reliable and robust system to authenticate the profiles of the victims to maintain the credibility and trustworthiness of the platform.
  3. Integration with External Data Sources: A mechanism to link the platform with various data sources, such as UN records, official government statements, and other pertinent platforms, to provide accurate, timely, and comprehensive data.
  4. User Interface Enhancement: Improving the visual appeal and usability of the website to ensure that visitors have an engaging and intuitive experience.

Call to Action:
To achieve the aforementioned goals, the project seeks volunteers from the programming community. Specifically, those who have expertise in areas of workflow development, data verification, system integration, and UI enhancement. Interested individuals are encouraged to send their CV and a letter detailing how they can contribute.

Join us now: [email protected]

Open Positions:

The "Human War Journal" represents more than just a platform; it stands as a testament to the lives lost and a commitment to ensuring their stories aren't forgotten amidst the chaos of conflict.