Human War Journal

X Engagement Specialist is Needed!

Job Title: Social Media Specialist – Twitter Engagement

Location: Remote

Type: Volunteer Position

Project: Human War Journal

About Human War Journal: The “Human War Journal” shines a light on the untold stories of global conflict casualties, transcending mere numbers to reveal the lives, dreams, and legacies of those affected. Our mission is to ensure these individuals are remembered and honored in a way that truly encapsulates their humanity.

Position Overview: We are searching for a dedicated Social Media Specialist focused on Twitter engagement. The role demands a blend of creative content creation, strategic online engagement, and adeptness in applying our marketing strategies. By reaching out to and collaborating with activists, this role serves as a crucial bridge connecting our project’s mission with those who can amplify its impact.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Content Creation:

    • Craft compelling tweets that effectively convey the essence and objectives of the “Human War Journal.”
    • Curate content that resonates with our target audience, ensuring consistency in tone and message.
  2. Activist Outreach:

    • Identify and engage with activists who align with our mission.
    • Introduce the “Human War Journal” project, explaining its objectives and inviting them to contribute and amplify our cause.
  3. Strategic Engagement:

    • Monitor Twitter conversations relevant to global conflicts, humanitarian causes, and related topics.
    • Engage in these conversations to raise awareness about our project and drive meaningful interactions.
  4. Marketing Strategy Implementation:

    • Seamlessly integrate our marketing strategies into the Twitter content and engagement plan.
    • Track performance metrics, tweaking strategies based on insights gained.
  5. Feedback & Collaboration:

    • Collaborate with the broader project team to align on messaging, gather feedback, and continuously refine our Twitter engagement approach.


  • Solid experience with Twitter, both in content creation and engagement strategies.
  • Strong written communication skills with the ability to convey messages succinctly and powerfully.
  • A proactive mindset, always on the lookout for opportunities to amplify our mission.
  • Passionate about the objectives and values of the “Human War Journal.”
  • Ability to collaborate in a remote team setting and adapt to feedback.

To Apply: If you have a knack for online engagement and believe in the power of storytelling, we want you on our team. Please send your CV along with a cover letter detailing your experience on Twitter and why you’re passionate about supporting our project.