Human War Journal

X API Integration is Needed!

ob Title: Twitter API Integration Volunteer

Location: Remote

Type: Volunteer Position

Project: Human War Journal

About Human War Journal: The “Human War Journal” aims to humanize casualties of global conflicts, presenting stories, aspirations, and legacies beyond mere statistics. Our mission is to spotlight the individuals behind the numbers, ensuring they are remembered with the honor they deserve.

Position Overview: We are looking for a passionate volunteer proficient in Twitter API integration to assist in fetching and curating stories from Twitter to be showcased on our platform. This role is crucial in crowdsourcing genuine stories from individuals and ensuring they are seamlessly integrated into our website.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Twitter API Integration:

    • Set up and manage the integration of the Twitter API with the “Human War Journal” website.
    • Fetch tweets based on specific criteria like hashtags, mentions, or specific keywords.
  2. Automated Posting and Curation:

    • Develop a system to automatically post relevant fetched tweets to the website.
    • Implement moderation tools to filter content, ensuring relevance and adherence to our project’s guidelines.
  3. Privacy and Sensitivity Management:

    • Ensure that the integration respects user privacy and content sensitivity. Filter out any content that may be graphic, sensitive, or potentially harmful.
    • Work closely with the team to define and refine guidelines for content selection.
  4. Backup and Storage:

    • Implement a mechanism to backup fetched stories, ensuring that content remains accessible even if the original tweets are deleted or modified.
  5. Continuous Improvement:

    • Monitor the effectiveness of the Twitter integration and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency, accuracy, and relevance.


  • Strong proficiency in Twitter API and its functionalities.
  • Experience in integrating APIs with web platforms, preferably WordPress.
  • Familiarity with data backup and storage solutions.
  • Strong attention to detail, especially concerning content moderation.
  • A commitment to the mission and values of the “Human War Journal”.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative remote environment.

To Apply: Interested candidates are invited to send their CV along with a letter detailing their experience with Twitter API and how they envision contributing to the project’s goals.